• Fabiano RM-011 Roti/Khakhra Maker

Fabiano RM-011 Roti/Khakhra Maker

Often the major problem everyone faces in preparing food is making roti. Roti maker has provided us the solution for that .Become a part Fabiano RM-011 roti that take place at the dinner table with an appliance which allows you to serve up perfectly round, puffed up and hot rotis. Invest in the maker, a must have appliance which takes the stress out of roti- making.

Non-Stick Surface

Always think there is no issue in making rotis when you have the Fabiano RM-011 roti maker at your disposal. It was never easier to make delectable cheesy omelettes. Simply spread grated cheese on the surface and top with a fluffy beaten egg, easily lifting the omelette off the non -tick surface for flipping and serving. The Greblon coating of the non- stick roti maker ensures that even sticky ingredients lift right off, leaving you with a clean surface which only need to be wiped up before the next use.

900 Watts Power Consumption

This energy efficient roti maker can be plugged into and power source of 230 – 240 volts, and uses only 900 watts of power. With a cooling time of 2.5 minutes per roti, it can make up to 12 rotis in 5 minutes, making sure each plate is replenished as soon as it empties without using too much power. Keep it at the sideboard as you sit at the table, and join your family for every meal.

Slim Tip: Make move to tough area

The iron features slim tip which helps it to iron areas that otherwise cannot be ironed. Specially crafted for perfect ironed clothes without leaving any part of your favourite garment, this iron is a perfect combination of comfort and utility.

Shockproof Body

The shock proof body of the Fabiano RM-011 roti maker can withstand heavy duty use. this portable roti maker can easily be carried around without causing any damage.

Thermo Fuse

The thermo fuse function of the Fabiano RM-011 roti maker turns it off when the reaches the temperature you have selected on the adjustable temperature knob. This makes sure your rotis don’t burn, and the appliance does not get damaged if you forget to turn it off.

Indicator Light

Red and green indicator lights provided on the roti makers warn you when the stove is ready for use. Keep your fingers safe from burns as you no longer need to touch the surface of the roti maker to determine how hot it is!

Power 900 watts Opertaing Voltage: 230 volts
Warranty Manufacturer

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Fabiano RM-011 Roti/Khakhra Maker

  • Brand: FABIANO
  • Product Code: RM-011
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  • Rs 1,100.00

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